Special Note for Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) from BankersOnline Guru John Burnett...
"Under the SAFE Act, Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) are required to submit fingerprints and agree to a criminal background check. That check would not, I believe, be as thorough as the upper-tier
Banker Background Check service. The SAFE Act
background check might not come back until after the MLO
has been registered and begun work. Having the Banker Background Check process
done in advance can help a financial institution avoid the embarrassment and hassle of having to "pull the ticket" of an MLO who is found to have had a conviction, etc., for dishonesty, breach of trust or money laundering."

Banker Background Check

Customized and Tailored
Specifically for Financial Institutions

Designed by Bankers Online, and powered by EmployeeScreenIQ, Banker Background Check provides an employment background check that sets the standard in the industry. With three levels of screening, you can be assured that you are in compliance with all federal and banking hiring regulations.
(See Sample Reports below.)

Does your employee screening process meet
the standard of the industry?

The FDIC Guidance
FIL-46-2005, Pre-Employment Background Screening: Guidance on Developing an Effective Pre-Employment Background Screening Process.

In addition to the official requirements, why is a robust background screening process critical to your hiring process?
  • Effective pre-employment background screening processes may reduce turnover by verifying requisite skills, certification, licensing or degrees for a position; deter theft and embezzlement, and prevent litigation over hiring practices.
  • Institutions should verify that any contractors (and consultants) are subject to screening procedures similar to those used by the institution for hiring.
  • Management should develop a risk-focused approach to determining when pre-employment background screening is considered appropriate or when the level of screening should be enhanced. Translation: Candidates for more sensitive positions should be screened more thoroughly.
  • Costs of screening may be offset by reduced costs related to hiring unqualified individuals (replacement, retraining, losses, etc.)
  • Section 19 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act prohibits any person who has been convicted of any criminal offense involving dishonesty or a breach of trust or money laundering, or has agreed to enter into a pretrial diversion or similar program in connection with a prosecution, from becoming or continuing as an institution-affiliated party, owning or controlling, or otherwise participating in the conduct of the affairs of an insured institution without prior written consent of the FDIC. That can apply to consultants, too.
  • There can be substantial financial penalties for institutions who hire individuals in violation of Section 19. Does $1 million a day while the violation continues get your attention? Imprisonment for up to 5 years is also on the sanctions menu.

Three Levels of Screening

Basic Banker Background Check: $75.00*

Mid Level Banker Background Check: $89.50*

Upper Management Banker Background Check: $139.50*

Please note that these packages cannot be altered in any way.

* Please note there are various fees charged to EmployeeScreenIQ for access to different types of information. Because of the variability of these fees, we cannot build them into our price structure and must pass them along as incurred. There is never a profit margin built into any fees charged for access to information. Any fee added to a search is the direct cost of information as incurred by EmployeeScreenIQ. A list of these fees can be found by clicking here.

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