Special Note for Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) from BankersOnline Guru John Burnett...
"Under the SAFE Act, Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) are required to submit fingerprints and agree to a criminal background check. That check would not, I believe, be as thorough as the upper-tier
Banker Background Check service. The SAFE Act
background check might not come back until after the MLO
has been registered and begun work. Having the Banker Background Check process
done in advance can help a financial institution avoid the embarrassment and hassle of having to "pull the ticket" of an MLO who is found to have had a conviction, etc., for dishonesty, breach of trust or money laundering."

Privacy Protection

EmployeeScreenIQ places the highest priority on protecting both you and your applicants' personal information and maintaining the highest levels of privacy. EmployeeScreenIQ understands that the information we provide can be damaging if put into the wrong hands.

While no security program can be deemed impenetrable, EmployeeScreenIQ mitigates any potential breach through the use of the following tactics. For security purposes, this list is not all inclusive:

EmployeeScreenIQ confines the scope of our business to the employment screening market segment (there are other permissible purposes for Consumer Reporting under the FCRA, but we limit our efforts to our area of expertise)

Limiting our focus to the employment screening segment is a significant distinction. Many publicized security breaches have resulted from granting access to consumer information to individuals posing as legitimate businesses that in fact had no connection to those businesses.

Companies that maintain proprietary databases of consumer information sell access to the information for many different purposes. EmployeeScreenIQ maintains no proprietary database of consumer information. We go to the public record source (county/federal courts, credit bureaus, state agencies, etc.) for each and every screen we perform.

EmployeeScreenIQ conducts an on-site inspection of the administrative offices of ALL new clients

The credit bureaus instituted a mandate in July 2003 that all Consumer Reporting Agencies must perform a site inspection of all privately held clients. In October 2005, this requirement was expanded to ALL clients including public companies. The purpose is to validate the commercial business address and that reasonable security is present at the facility to protect the privacy of consumers and consumer data.

EmployeeScreenIQ verifies that all new clients are registered businesses and maintain an active license through state incorporation records

During the account setup process, EmployeeScreenIQ obtains documentation from the prospective client and cross checks validity through state incorporation records.

EmployeeScreenIQ estimates and monitors screening activity on a per client basis to ensure it is appropriate for a business in said industry of similar size

EmployeeScreenIQ contacts clients if there is an unexpected "spike" in demand to explore the reason and any service enhancements we may be able to provide.

EmployeeScreenIQ cross checks each client against a monthly alert list furnished by the credit bureaus

The credit bureaus maintain a list of both companies and individuals deemed ineligible to receive credit information.

EmployeeScreenIQ utilizes SSL/TLS encryption to protect the transfer of sensitive information online

Utilizing strong encryption helps protect the confidentiality and integrity of data traveling across the Internet and helps prevent illicit "eavesdropping."

EmployeeScreenIQ takes a least-privileged approach to information security

Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job function are granted access to data.

EmployeeScreenIQ employs a multi-tiered access control system

EmployeeScreenIQ utilizes strong password policies and multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

EmployeeScreenIQ employees are kept up-to-date on best security and privacy practices

Frequent training is provided to employees regarding relevant security and privacy topics.

EmployeeScreenIQ 's servers are maintained in a secure environment

Servers are kept in areas in which only authorized personnel have access and there is strict access control and logged video surveillance measures in place.

EmployeeScreenIQ takes very seriously the trust that our clients place in us to maintain strict legal compliance and respect for your candidates' privacy. We will continue to develop standards and practices designed to protect that trust.

EmployeeScreenIQ is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Better Business Bureau Online Privacy Seal Program, National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), ASIS International, and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Please view our Privacy Policy for any additional questions you may have.

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Data Privacy & Security

EmployeeScreenIQ places the highest priority on protecting both you and your applicants' personal information and maintaining the highest levels of privacy.

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